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Questionnaire results- July 2021

Thank you to all the parents and children who returned the questionnaires. It has been very useful to analyse the feedback and I thought you would be interested in seeing the findings.

We received 67 responses from the parents (32% response)



Strongly agree


Neither agree nor disagree


Strongly disagree


 My child is happy at school.






Very happy

Friendship issues have impacted on this

The school ensures that my child is safe and well looked at school






Unkind behaviour needs tackling


There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school. 






A great range of subjects and trips

The website needs updating

Good variety of subjects

Spanish seems to have been dropped

Homework inconsistent

Communication from the school has been regular, clear and effective.






Seesaw is fantastic

It has got a lot better

Sometimes still too much


Newsletter is great


When I have raised concerns with the school, they have been dealt with properly. 






No issues raised

No experience to comment

Children are unkind

Very helpful

We appreciate the support

Sometimes staff can be abrupt

The school supports my child’s personal development. 






Not enough to reward/champion winners or challenge for them competitively.

I would recommend this school to another parent.








How well did the school respond during the pandemic?

Fantastic staff

Incredibly supportive

Teachers so responsive

Going above and beyond

Amazing superheroes

Excellent no complaints

No. thank you for everything  


These are just a snapshot of the positive comments that we received – thank you


Was there anything the school could have done better during the pandemic?

The second lockdown was better as staff were more organised with lessons and activities – During the first lockdown the government suspended the curriculum. It wasn’t until the second lockdown that they told teachers to ensure the curriculum was being taught and to focus on English and Maths.

Slow at first/ lack of technical knowledge and preparation hindered lessons – this was an internet issue with too many people on zoom at one given time, we arranged an internet boost which helped.

Parents not wearing face masks – we struggled with this as it was not mandatory outside we had to rely on parental support.

No sports day – unfortunately we did find it frustrating when sports events outside schools were happening but by the time the government gave us the go ahead it gave us very little time to organise and would have been difficult as London Irish would not have been able to give us 7 slots. The children had a great time doing their in class sports day.

Lack of resources at home made the lessons difficult and the timings of the lessons were hard to manage with our own work – This was difficult but unavoidable we tried to ensure that siblings didn’t have live lessons at the same time in case they were sharing a device so we worked out a timetable the best we could and yes we understand that any lesson would have been better with resources to hand but we did the best we could.

Head teacher could have been stricter and not so kind on which key workers were allowed in  - unfortunately that had nothing to do with being kind but all to do with government rules which we stuck to by the letter.

More work it was not enough – the children received the same amount of work as they would have received at school. Staff were also having to do so much more during lockdown with online live lessons, uploading to seesaw, answering daily questions from parents.

Errors in lessons, staff to proof read before uploading – we are sorry for the mistakes but as I said staff had so much more work to do that mistakes happen.

Children should have worn their uniform – it was difficult as not many shops were open and parents couldn’t access new uniform/shoes. It also gave us the opportunity to do outdoor learning whenever the weather permitted.

Lack of breakfast club and after school club but I understand why – we had no space to run the clubs as all additional space was used.

Daily temperature checks – this would have taken up so much teaching time

Can’t think of anything fantastic job in challenging circumstances

Not in my opinion – all excellent

No, we were very impressed with the way the whole situation was managed.

Support for parents at home, there was none – staff made socially distanced home visits to children in crisis, they made up food parcels for families who needed it, regular calls to families who asked for additional support. I am very proud of the staff who went above and beyond their job to support families.

Let’s hope we have no more lockdown as we move forward – amen to that

It’s impossible to imagine how you could have handled it better congratulations and thank you